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Manitoba Harvester Suede Lined - Women

Manitoba Harvester Suede Lined - Women

A 'moccasin' is an Indigenous word for 'shoe or slipper'. Our ancestors originally designed these hide moccasins to wear outside in the summer. Now as a contemporary Métis company, we continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional moccasins for outdoor urban environments. The footbed is fleece lined and breathable and the sole was made in partnership between Vibram and an Indigenous artist.
(Beadwork and material colour may vary from photograph)

Your Mukluks and Moccasins should feel snug when you first get them. Because of the natural materials used, they will stretch up to about half a size with wear to form a very comfortable, custom fit. Unlike a standard boot or shoe, it is normal for your toes to touch the end inside, but they should not be curled up or in pain.